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Bruce Lee Granger


Hi, my name is Bruce Lee Granger and I’m a media designer and digital content creator from Gadsden, Alabama.

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a passion for creating things. I’m always excited by the process of taking a simple idea and growing it into a drawing, song or story. I would send my drawings and paintings to supportive family members who bought them as a show of interest in my creativity. As I began to grow, so did the medium in which I could express myself. The internet opened a gateway for me to learn, practice, and share my craft. I taught myself how to shoot, edit and present my work and still continue to learn new innovative techniques each day. As a child I had wild ambitions of building my own company where I could help others reach their true potential and achieve their goals. I’m still in the early stages of accomplishing that dream and would love to have you take part in it. Let’s work together and create something truly amazing!

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